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Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie are a secondary couple of the High School Musical trilogy.


High School Musical

Taylor doesn't like Chad and others like him because she considers him and his friends, dumb jocks. She earns detention from her theatre teacher after making a joke about Chad needing help counting. Wanting the academic decathlon team to win their completion and Chad wishing for the basketball team to win their championships, they co-conspire to break-up Troy and Gabriella and end up spending time together. However, after their friends are noticeably upset after their plan works, they work together again to undo what they did. They were the first two to stand up and applause at Troy and Gabriella's performance Breaking Free. At the end Chad asked Taylor to attend the championship after-party with him as a date.

High School Musical 2

Chad said he was saving up for a car so he could take this little hottie on a proper date (Taylor). He later got a job with Taylor at the Lava Springs Country Club. While resting, Taylor let Chad take a bite out of her sandwich and eat her fries.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Chad attempts to get Taylor to be his prom date, but she says, Oh, honey, if that's what you call an invitation you'll be dancing by yourself, which was kind of rude. But then Troy manages to get the whole school cafeteria to be quiet so Chad announces Taylor McKessie, will go to prom with me? She answered, I would be honored, and they shared a long hug.

Taylor and Chad danced at prom together. Taylor moved Chad out of the way when he was wearing a horrible clown suit. At the end they sing together and dance and shared a longer better hug at the end.