The Lava Springs Country Club is a country club and resort owned and operated by the Evans. It is managed by Mr. Fulton, a former member of the Wildcats.


Troy Bolton gets a job waiting tables and caddying there. After he does, Gabriella Montez and other Wildcats get jobs there, as Troy only agreed to take the job if the other Wildcats would, too. The club has an annual talent show which employees are allowed to participate in, until Sharpay breaks the tradition by forbiding all junior staff members from competing. Troy is exempt because of his promotion to honorary member, but asks for his kitchen job back. By now, Ryan has also refused to sing with Sharpay, and Troy offers to sing with Sharpay on the condition that the other Wildcats also do the show. Sharpay reluctantly agrees, but ultimately does not sing, due to the plan orchestrated by Ryan and Kelsi. Sharpay awards Ryan with the Star Dazzle Award, an award she herself has won five times.



Lava Springs Country Club Logo

The Official Logo of the Lava Springs Country Club

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