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Lucille Bolton is one of the supporting characters in the High School Musical movies. She is Jack Bolton's wife and Troy Bolton's mother. She is portrayed by Leslie Wing.


She seems to be able to control her son and husband very easily. She is one of the few characters who instantly approves of her son's relationship with Gabriella Montez, unlike her husband and Troy's friends, who thought that Gabriella was just trying to get Troy unfocused on the big basketball game.

High School Musical

She tries to stop Troy from playing basketball so she can see the fireworks when it's midnight.

High School Musical 2

Lucille appears to interrupt the Wildcats fun by telling them to store some of their energy by picking up the groceries she bought.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

When Troy and Gabriella are up in Troy's tree house, it is revealed that when Troy was younger, she went up there to get him down, and that she would've gone up to get him and Gabriella down if they didn't come down themselves.