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Madeleine Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine "Maddie" Fitzpatrick is one of the huge protagonists of The Suite Life Series, and later becomes a recurring character on Hannah Montana, That's So Raven and The Suite Life on Deck.

She is very creative, talented, nice and successful. Previously, she landed a job as the Candy Girl at the S.S. Tipton Hotel, and met others, Zack, Cody, London, who then become her friend. London, especially, as they grow more and more within the series. She has also met celebrities such as Hannah Montana, Chris Brown, The Cheetah Girls and much more. Maddie appeared in one crossover, entitled, 'That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana', where she meets Raven in the Hotel, and later meets Hannah in her room. She, then becomes a recurring character on both shows. Maddie, then plays High School Musical, at her school, and tries to audtions for the role of Sharpay Evans, as she is talented and she looks like her a lot, but is upset when London is picked, and that she can't say her name well, and her singing's horrible. She lip-syncs for her, and ends up, along with Zack, Cody and another, sharing the stage with London.

Maddie is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale, who starred in the High School Musical franchise, along with the series of merchandise.

She is mentioned in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.


Early Years

Maddie was born in a poor part of Boston in a Hotel (now called Big Pete's Pizza Palace), on September 30, 1989, to Margie and Irving Fitzpatrick. She was the 2nd child born, followed by her remaining four sisters, and two brothers. Her family expanded and faced lots of money problems, resulting to her parents working nearly every-day. At school, she made three unnamed friends and was the goody-goody two-shoes girl over there. One of her friends said that she looked like Ashley Tisdale. Around the age of 12, she moved to Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, a private school, after her parents got together some money to send her there, and met, Tiffany, Corrie and a few others. London Tipton (her future best-friend) went there a few years later.

In December 2004, she got a job at the S.S. Titpon Hotel as the Candy-Girl.