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Mr. Thomas Fulton is the manager of the Lava Springs Country Club and is in the employment of Sharpay and Ryan Evans's parents. While outwardly the villain of the movie, he follows his orders from Sharpay reluctantly, and at one point explains that he needs to do things he doesn't want to do for the sake of his paycheck. Due to financial hardships he is currently living in the windmill of the mini-golf course.


He is an old man who wears glasses. He is the manager at Lava Springs Country Club.

Physical Appearance

He is an older gentleman who wears a checkerboard grey suit and a powder blue tie. He also has a light blue shirt and checkerboard grey pants with black shoes.

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  • Mr. Fulton is similar to "Dr. McPhee" from Night at the Museum. Both characters hire main characters for a job and warn them that if they get three strikes that they'll get fired and lose their jobs.