Mrs. Montez is Gabriella Montez's mother, one of the supporting characters in the High School Musical movies.


Not much is known about her husband, Gabriella's dad, except for the fact that he taught Gabriella how to waltz when she was a little girl. She is one of the few characters who instantly approve Troy Bolton and Gabriella's relationship, unlike her daughter's friends. She apparently moves a lot with her job because it was after she was transferred to Albuquerque that her daughter was soon reunited with Troy after they sang together. She also attended the Scholastic Decathlon match between East High and West High but was forced to leave the room when Taylor McKessie (Gabriella's best friend) and Gabriella purposely created a stinky chemical reaction in order for Troy and Gabriella to make the callbacks on time. However, she also saw her daughter sing Breaking Free with Troy right after that and was very proud of her for it. She is also very proud of Gabriella being accepted to Stanford University as seen in High School Musical 3: Senior Year as they had been talking about it since Gabriella's birth. However, Gabriella says that it was embarrassing to her that her mother wouldn't stop talking about it.




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