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Ms. Darbus is East High's homeroom and drama teacher and takes drama way too seriously. She also sponsors the Drama Club, which has Sharpay and Ryan Evans as its co-presidents. Due to financial hardships she is currently living at the school.


She has a great distaste for cell phones, and will hand out detentions to any student she catches using one. Her detentions include the detainees having to help make props and paint sets for the drama club.

She also has a great disliking for basketball, and is constantly at odds with the East High basketball coach, Jack Bolton, who is also Zeke's father.

She dislikes anything to do with basketball. This seems to change after Zeke wins the callback as she personally congratulates him on winning the big game and is excited when the team wins in the third movie although she mixes up a few terms. She also seems to at least set aside her dislike for Coach Bolton as they aren't seen arguing again and even share a laugh when they use each other's congratulatory terms for Zeke. 

The author of HSM was intrigued and inspired by the enthusiasm and love for theater shown by a high school Drama teacher. The original character traits displayed by Ms. Darbus in the first movie were based on a non-ficticious person, Lynett Mace from Momement Mountain High School in Great Barrington, MA. From the scarves to the body expression the actress got her down pat.

She also pronounces musical wrong because she thinks she's a classy person.

High School Musical 2

Ms. Darbus is seen teaching the class on the last day of school, and watches the class celebrate the start of summer vacation when the final bell rings.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The students have started calling her "Ms. D.". She hands out offers of Julliard scholarships to Kelsi Nielsen, Sharpay, Ryan, and Zeke Baylor. Later, she says that she made out that offer she gave to Troy. Unlike the first movie, she seems to like him. She gives him advice after revealing she was behind his Julliard application and even says Troy is very comfortable on stage. By the third film, she does seem to have lost her status as the "bad guy" and is very supportive of "her kids".


Proximity to the arts is cleansing for the soul.
— High School Musical

Is there something wrong?
— Ms. Darbus to Zeke

We'll call it Senior Year.
— Ms. Darbus to the Drama club

The Spring Musicale is all about you. [travels with basketball], Mr. Danforth
— Ms. Darbus to Chad