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All right, let's see who's gonna rock the house next...
— Unknown host

New Year's Eve Party was the party that Troy and Gabriella went to in the film High School Musical. During this party, both participate in the Rock the House Contest. It consisted of a kid's party in the first floor Freestyle club and the parent's party in the (presumably) second story of the building.

It was the party that Gabriella and Troy first met and discovered their singing abilities. It was hosted by an unknown man. The host predicted Troy and Gabriella may thank him for the singing one day, but he also said they might not. "Start of Something New" was featured in this song. Several other people attended, including Coach Bolton and his wife Lucille. Troy and Gabriella would meet each other again at East High.

Rock the House

Troy starts singing during the contest.

In the Freestyle club, a kid's party was held. With an unknown host, two contestants were randomly chosen to sing a song. These were Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton. Both were shy at first, but Troy decided to give it a shot. He started singing "Start of Something New". As he watched Gabriella stand there and do nothing, he walked away. But when Gabriella started singing, he joined in, and they became confident in their singing abilities. They sang the song and gave each other their names.

Parent's party

Not much is known about the parent's party other than it was in a separate room upstairs in the building, and Coach Bolton and his wife Lucille attended.

After the party

Gabriella sings as well.

After the party, guests were invited to watch the fireworks at 12:00 AM, celebrating the new year. Troy and Gabriella exchanged cell phone numbers and pictures of each other. They went their separate ways; however, they met each other again at East High where the two started dating and fell in love.