Also, I am officially giving the wikia to Dancer204 because he/she has done a great job. Im going over to the Indiana Jones and Rocky Wikis anyway because they need my help more. I'm gonna come back though. You are looking at the first user page on this wiki.

Hello, I am the founder of this Wiki.

Please come and edit anytime you can.

I'm taking a break for this month.

Things to make

The things I need to make!

  1. Template:Event navigation
  2. Template:Song navigation
  3. Expand on books
  4. Create articles on books
  5. Template:Book infobox


A crappy story, but it will do.

Tyler was a student at East High. He loved Star Wars and gave himself the name "Darth" eventually forming "Darthtyler". He auditioned for The Incredible Mr. Schain in the play Twinkle Towne. Ms. Darbus eventually accepted him, and he was able to get the part, performing the part well.




The logo, not the best thing in the world.

Search logo

The search logo, better than the main logo at least.

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